How to Traveling to Phu Quoc

Traveling to Phu Quoc is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Com to Phu Quoc Island in summer is the best time to visit vietnamJust a few clicks on the computer and you can easily afford a plane ticket straight to Phu Quoc airport. I am going to suggest a few activities that everyone should look into while staying in the island.

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Watch the sunset in Dinh Cau Bridge

There is not a better spot to watch the sunset than the bridge of Dinh Cau. The beauty of it just cannot be put into words. Only by seeing the sun going down with your own eyes up close and personal can you feel how peaceful this moment is. Furthermore, there are cafes in Dinh Dau where you can sit and enjoy the waves, the wind, and the romantic seaside.

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Listen to Don Ca Tai Tu in the sea

At the end of the night market of Dinh Cau lies a local beach. Every night, especially midnight, take a sip of coconut juice while listening to Don Ca Tai Tu. The traditional musical art form of Southern Vietnam, combining with the sound of the waves brings along a special feeling

Seafood in 30/4 road

Along the street of 30/4 is a slew of street food restaurants for tourists, which are not too pricey. There are so many different types of food that are cooked in various ways. You can be sure to have your seafood fantasies fulfilled and not have to worry about the quality at all.


Bath in Tranh stream

From June to September is the best time to experience this. The price is only 10.000 per person. In Tranh stream, the water is cool and clear. On the way to the upstream, you will see a huge hole of water that you can drench in. However, if you really try hard and make your way to the top, you can see the exotic ‘Batcave’ (no Batman here). But usually travelers can only make it to the hole.

Find the Batcave

Still not talking about Batman’s base of operation. However, locating the Batcave is an exhilarating journey. Because, on the way, everything happens so quickly, which create excitement and thrill. It takes so much effort to make it to the cave. But don’t get too comfortable, the bats might be there to protect their territory, but sometimes you might just arrive in an empty cave. The silence can add to the mysterious vibe that the Batcave always has.

Picnic in Da Ban stream

Da Ban means rock table (or table rock). Either way, like the name says, there are many big boulders on the stream. If you are traveling in groups, feel free to bring along some food to enjoy a friendly meal on these rocks. Or if you really want to, you can buy food from the local provider, prices are negotiable.

Sneak in Duong Dong lake

This is the lake that provide fresh water for the town of Duong Dong. If you, somehow, manage to sneak in the lake, it is a real privilege. Although it is not too big or pretty, you will get to see the dam and the majestic landscape. However, it is somewhat restricted as it is under management.

The landscape of Da Ngon stream

Unlimited water source, romantic scenery, between November and April is the best time to see Da Ngon. However, the stream has not been pushed for tourism potential because of the threat it poses. To get to Da Ngon, you must rent a boat to make your way over Duong Dong lake. The stream is so strong even in dry season. If you desire a sense of adventure and adrenaline, consider Da Ngon stream.

Scuba dive in the islands of An Thoi

The fish and corals of Phu Quoc

From An Thoi, you can rent a boat to the islands to fish and scuba dive. A day tour usually cost 250.000 VND per person. Starting at 8 a.m, you will get to see the sim fruit garden, the pearl farm, the prison, the soy sauce storage, the harbor and small islands… In here, the water is crystal clear, so you can see the coral from the surface. Lunch is usually included with seafood freshly caught.

Catching squids at night

Groups of travelers can rent a boat or join forces with other tourists to do this. This activity is not recommended for those with seasickness. This tour usually takes place from 5 to 8 in the evening. What better way to enjoy your squids than to dig in on them on the go! Cook them right on the boat any way you please!

Lay back in Long Beach

Still not talking about the one in California. This is one of the top 10 best primitive beaches in the world. The beach is over 1.5 km long with white sand, clear water and lines of trees.

Play in Star Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, where the crescent beach line goes over 7 km long. To get to Star Beach, it is best to go in Long Beach Resort. Star Beach is famous for the coconut trees, the mesmerizing sand dunes. However, it is a bumpy road to get to Star Beach.

The primitive beach of Khem

Exploited by the locals, this untouched area is famous for the cheap products as well as delicious seafood.

Feel the peacefulness in Ong Lang Beach


Located in the northern region of Phu Quoc, this place is somewhat remote from the central. But there are many resorts here, which are perfect for relaxing.

Explore Point Ganh Dau

The part in the North West area is a major tourist attraction thanks to its natural primitive look. Ganh Dau has a crescent-shaped beach which is 500 m long. From here, take a look at the ricefish makers.

Ride a motorcycle across the national forest

In the area of Mount Ham Rong, Ganh Dau and Cua Can, there is a dirt road that you can ride on with a motorcycle. Experience the thrill of a high-speed chase in the forest with natural threats and no people.

Cafe La

After a day of exploring, maybe it’s time to just sit back, and have a drink in your hand. What is better than a cafe in the center of Duong Dong and let yourself flow in the midst of the island. The night breeze might give you a chill.

Do nothing

If you are here to relax, then why not lay back on the sand, read a book, or enjoy some music? Isn’t life wonderful?