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by Lê Thủy 5 năm ago

What to see in festival of Kim Giang communal house

Kim Giang communal House,hanoi vietnam is located on Kim Giang road and in historic complex of communal houses, temples and Kim Giang pagoda. The communal house worships a town god name Mao Giap Hoa. The festival of Kim Giang communal house...

by Phùng Hải Đăng 5 năm ago

The 10 Best Cheap and good Hotels in Hanoi

Among our list of the best hotels in Hoan Kiem (old quarter) are places which take full advantage of the district’s beautiful buildings, as well as more modern structures which also provide five-star facilities and in-room amenities alongside...

by Phùng Hải Đăng 5 năm ago

Tro Tram Festival

The unique festival of Tro Tram which is both sacred and filled with national culture takes place annually at Tu Xa commune, Lam Thao district, Phu Tho province. Aiming at promoting human’s vitality, the festival closely related to...

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